Monday, February 28, 2011

Million-Dollar Throw Book Summary

Million-Dollar Throw
    The Million-Dollar Throw was made by the author who made other sports books. This book is about a boy who is an amazing football quarterback who singed up to throw a football threw a whole from 30 yards and he will win a million dollars. His favorite football player is Tom Brady.  But there are a lot of problems going on with the main character (Nate). Such as his family losing there house and becoming poor. Another problem is his friend (Abby) is going blind and she might have to attend a special need school and might have to leave Nate.

Nate is a great quarterback as you heard before but later in the story he will have some problems in his performance such as him being benched by his coach and him losing every single game he had so far. But except for one game when he got benched another quarterback on his team had won the game for them. This all happened when all of his problems and stress kept on piling on until it affected his game.

A problem he is having is the stress that his family is going to lose there house. His families house has been on the market for a long time but no one is going to buy it. So there in trouble of losing there house because they owe the bank alot of moeny. Also Nates dad had lost his job and is currently looking for one right now in the book. So that means Nates mom had to take aother job when she already had one.

As you heard already Nates friend Abby is going into the procces of going blind. She also needs to go to a special school where blind people need to go to. Nate is afraid of losing Abby so he is trying all his best not to get Abby to the special needy school. For example Nate would send books to Abby to keep her in town. Also Abby is really artistic show she would draw something everyday but it looks like that won't last very long.


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